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[. . . ] User Guide Logicom mobile phone L-195/L-195J 17 Photo representative only Declaration of conformity 0700 We, LOGICOM (Logicom – 55 rue de Lisbonne – Paris 8ème – 75008 Paris) declare that the LOGICOM L-195/L-195J mobile phone complies with the essential requirements of the Directive R&TTE 1999/05/EC applicable to the following European standards: EN 61000-3-3:2013 EN 55024:2010 EN 62479:2010 EN 50360:2001+A1:2012 EN 62209-1:2006 EN 62209-2:2010 EN 50566:2013 EN 62471:2008 EN 62133:2013 RoHS 2011/65/EU, REACH No 1907/2006, ErP 2009/125/EC The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for modifications made by the user or any resultant consequences which could affect the conformity of the product with the CE marking. Any unauthorised modification of the product voids this declaration of conformity. Bernard Bessis President Product certified by the laboratory: PHOENIX TESTLAB GMBH Köningswinkel 10 32825 Blomberg Germany Laboratory number notified: 0700 18 Introduction Thank you for choosing this Pan digital mobile phone with colour screen. Read this manual in order to fully understand and use your GSM mobile phone. [. . . ] ρ PIN 2 code: Input your PIN 2 code to use certain services such as a service call. If you input the PIN2 code incorrectly three times in succession, input the PUK2 code to unlock the SIM card. ρ PUK code To change the locked PIN code, input the PUK (Personal Unlock Key) code. If you enter an incorrect PUK code ten times in succession, the SIM card can no longer be used. ρ PUK2 code When you change the locked PIN2 code, input the PUK2 code. If you enter an incorrect PUK2 code ten times in succession, the functions that require the PIN2 code will not be able to be used. 23 Main menu To Lock/Unlock the keyboard, press the menu key (1) then the star key (2): To Turn on/Turn off the phone, press the On/Off key (3) for a long time: 1 3 2 10. Contacts 2 You can save a phone number in the memory of the phone or in the SIM cards. σ Add a new contact: Create a new contact  View: View detailed information on the contact  Send a text message: Send a message to the contact  Dial: Call the contact  Edit Edit the contact's information  Delete: Delete the selected contact  Copy: Copy the contact to the phone or to the SIM card  Contact settings: Edit additional numbers / Overview of the capacity of the SIM cards and of the phone 11. Compose a message Compose a new message, insert a number and other 11. Draft box This function allows you to retrieve the SMS that you have saved. Sent messages This function allows you to save all of the messages that have been sent successfully. SMS settings Allows you to change the default message parameters and to consult the message memory. Call History  Missed calls: See the number of the missed calls  Calls made: See the recent list of various calls made  Received calls: See the recent list of various calls received  All Calls: View all calls made, received and missed  Delete call journals: Delete the selected calls  Call time View the duration of the last call, dialled and received calls 12. Call settings  SIM call settings: Change the functions for call waiting, call diverting, call limiting and line switching  Advanced settings Change the functions for automatic redial, call time recall and answer mode 13. User profiles User profiles allow you to define the operation of your phone when a call or message is received and to configure the sound for keys, among other things. You can customise these profiles or keep their default configuration according to your needs. Select and customise the profiles adequately according to the situation. The various modes available are General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, Headphone. Phone settings  Date and time: Configure the date and time of the device, as well as how they are displayed 25     On/Off power scheduling: Configuring auto-off for the device Language: Configuring the language of the device Preferred input methods: Configuring the preferred text input method Display:  Wallpaper: Define a picture as the default wallpaper  Auto lock Define the duration for keyboard auto-lock  Date and time display Activate or deactivate the date and time on the screen  Special keys: Define shortcuts for the four directional buttons  Flight mode: Activate or deactivate the flight mode  Various settings: Adjust the screen brightness and the duration of the backlight 13. Safety settings  SIM safety  PIN lock: Activate or Deactivate the PIN code. If PIN code verification is activated, you must input your PIN code each time the phone is started. [. . . ] The electromagnetic waves from the mobile phone can disrupt the performance of electronic devices used in these locations. We recommend that you switch off your phone or switch it to flight mode in these locations to avoid interference. Maintain a distance of 15 cm between the mobile phone and your electronic implant.  When using an earphone, pregnant women should keep the phone away from their abdomen and teenagers should keep the phone away from their lower abdomen. [. . . ]


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